This system allows you to transport any DMX512 line in wireless mode; wBOX system is easy & reliable. Consoles as Piccolo & Piccolo Scan from LT can include, as option, an inner wBOX transmitter. In this case, the system is completed with the necessary wBOX receivers. With a transmitter and a receiver of wBOX system it’s possible to transmit a DMX line from any console to the receptor point.

wBox Advantages

  • Price is very interesting compared with the DMX cable installations.
  • They are the ideal solution to reach difficult locations or to solve structural problems.
  • Greater flexibility in the installation, not depending on the physical arrangements of signal wiring.
  • Wireless system is also a good solution for tours, conventions and presentations.
  • It allows us to reach great distances, with links to 500 meters in urban environments.
  • This new wireless transmission technology, specifically technology CRMX (Cognitive Radio Multiplexer), the wireless transmissions never disturb, or are disturbed by, other wireless equipment. CRMX represents the future of wireless DMX and RDM distribution. It is a wireless technology automated and adaptive and specifically tailored for the lighting industry.

CRMX Technology

  • Fidelity: The DMX frame output is identical to the frame input.
  • Error correction: Advanced algorithms recreate corrupt or lost radio packets.
  • Compliance: No-compliant DMX is corrected to meet the DMX512-A standard.
  • Synchronization: Precision timing mechanism guarantees synchronized frame delivery.
  • Latency: Industry best; below 5 ms in multi-universe systems.
  • Security: 128 bit encryption ensures no hacker interference.