• Proprietary technology

    We develop hardware and software of all our products, giving them great flexibility and optimization. This is a great advantage for our users, because we can adapt to their needs.

  • Continued Development

    Our products are known for constantly updated, allowing them, without any hardware change, increase performance.

  • Training and communication

    We consider essential to be close with our customers, and the proof is the constant communication and after sales service that we offer. Communication is done via training courses, together with Telephone Assistance. Underscore our after-sales service, where, with very short times, our customers have their products repaired and updated within 24 hours.

Pol. Ind. Ventorro del Cano. C/ Lozoya, 8 28925 Alcorcón (MADRID). Telf: +34 91 4720666 Fax: +34 91 4720545
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