For the first time on the international scene has done a live broadcast in 3D cinema format or stereo audio and multilayer (so-called 5.1 or 7.1).

Was shown through satellite and channels which currently broadcast in this format, in many movie theaters of Europe, and from some specialized sites. A multidisciplinary group of technicians, set designers, lighting designers, engineers and filmmakers, we have worked to make this technological breakthrough in Spain.

The concert took place on June 10 at the Exhibition Centre of Zaragoza. The band, Violadores del Verso, shared their rhymes to this concert, which was his last concert in Spain. It had created high expectations, and did not disappoint.

Ben-Ri Electronica and Coolux have formed part of the TV 3D5 Team, being responsible of spectacular lighting and video projections.

For spectacular lighting, have been used Hydra Space consoles; the previous designs were created using the Capture Polar LT simulator, provided with these consoles.

The projection, was performed on a 8 meters diameter sphere, with two 20,000 lumens projectors and over a decorated irregulars shapes. The setting to adjust the projections was created with Pandoras Box Warper software.